Spiritual energy is on the move .  Make the connection through kundalini yoga, which gives one the tools to grow in unison with the change that is upon us. Balance your neurological and glandular system, align your chakras. Learn to handle stress, to stay calm, to be strong using the energy that is already within you. Kundalini Yoga class consists of warm ups, a kriya, which is a group of postures strung together for a specific purpose, deep relaxation, meditation, breathwork, and the use of sound and rhythm. classes are offered through out the week. Jaidev621@gmail.com


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  1. copy and paste into your address bar to view

    This is a beautiful video made at the 2011 Winter Solstice
    This will show you some of what kundalini yoga is all about.

  2. here are some interesting links for more information
    on kundalini yoga.


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