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Classes have started up in this new age and new year. People are experiencing varied emotions as the energy of this time has brought about many changes. Our focus has moved from survival at a basic level to survival on a spiritual level. It is time to develop our intuition and come from our heart center and higher chakras. Come and join  us on our journey into being blessed and feeling gratitude for life. Sat Nam, may truth be your identity and compassion be your guide. blessings, Jaidev



kundalini yoga classes 2011


People are seeking out ways to deal with the energy around them. Kundalini works on balancing the  energy centers in the body and the subtle energy that surrounds the body. Helps release stress, remove obstacles, become more aware and alert. In 2011 we will be focusing on building our strength and grace. Opening up to the Aquarian Age vibration.

learn to breath like a yogi. take control of how much oxygen comes into your body. Reset your habits, neurologically, physically , mentally, and emotionally.